A busy and bustling market full of sights and delights, Dandenong Market offers a taste for every season and a treasure in every stall. 

Dandenong Market trading hours:

Tuesday: 7am – 4pm (The Bazaar opens at 8am)
Friday: 7am – 5pm (The Bazaar opens at 8am and closes at 4pm)
Saturday: 7am – 4pm (The Bazaar opens at 8am)
Sunday: 10am – 3pm (Free parking on Sundays)

Live entertainment Sundays:

Sunday 2 August: The Bongo Monkeys (11am - 2.30pm)
Sunday 9 August: Thando (11am - 2.30pm)
Sunday 16 August: Circus and magic shows (11am - 1.30pm)
Sunday 23 August: The Funky Monkeys (12 - 1.30pm)
Sunday 30 August: Circus and magic shows (11am - 1.30pm)

Recent Dandenong Market News...

Dandenong Market in August

Circus performances, live music and cooking inspiration.
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Fab Fish FAcTS

​Good news, fat is not something to be afraid of..
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Meet our traders

​Fresh is the key to success
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This week’s specials

​​​Weekly specials commencing the week of 28 July 2015.
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