Welcome to Dandenong Market, where you can shop and experience the world as a local. A busy and bustling market full of sights and delights, Dandenong Market offers a taste for every season and a treasure in every stall.

Dandenong Market trading hours
Tuesday: 7am – 4pm (The Bazaar opens at 8am)
Friday: 7am – 5pm (The Bazaar opens at 8am and closes at 4pm)
Saturday: 7am – 4pm (The Bazaar opens at 8am)
Sunday: 10am – 3pm

Dandenong Market celebrates Lunar New Year
Dandenong Market will be celebrating Lunar New Year with free fun in February:
1 February: Sabrina Chou Dance Troupe traditional fan and ribbon dance
8 February: The Flying Woks Asian fusion cooking demonstration
15 February: Awe-inspiring lion dance and Chinese Music Trio
22 February: Lantern-making kids craft workshop
More about Dandenong Market's Lunar New Year celebrations.

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