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With its tantalising aromas and the irresistible allure of exotic flavours from distant lands, Dandenong Market is a place where cultural diversity is embraced and celebrated—it’s a unique shopping experience and a great day out for all the family.

Dandenong Market is a haven for bargain hunters, a utopia for treasure seekers and paradise for food lovers of any description. You’ll find almost every ingredient you can imagine—not to mention some you might never have dreamed of!—making it the perfect place for anyone with a passion for cooking.

Our friendly traders are what make shopping at Dandenong Market a highly personalised experience—they are more than happy to offer tips and advice or share recipes.

With so much to see, taste and discover, Dandenong Market is a wonderful place to meet, eat, shop and play.

The Market is open four days a week—every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (except public holidays)
Tuesday & Saturday 7am-4pm (General Merchandise opens at 8am)
Friday 7am-5pm (General Merchandise opens at 8am and closes at 4pm)
Sunday 10am-3pm

Shops on Cleeland Street are open extra days and hours for your convenience.
See Trading Hours for details. 

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